Belocid Plus

Belocid Plus is a colourless liquid agent, produced on the basis of water and the most modern biocides, which effectively removes pests.

  • treats infected wood
  • destroys putrefactive fungi and insects
  • preventive action
  • contains the most advanced biocides

Belocid Plus is used when wood has not been previously protected or in cases when wood fungi and insects have appeared. We recommend using Belocid Plus also when wood protection has not been reapplied for a long time. The method of using Belocid Plus depends on the type of pest. If wood has been attacked by large wood-boring insects, as can be seen by oval cavities 8-10 mm in diameter, the heavily attacked parts of the wood should be hewn, removed and burnt. Belocid Plus should also be applied to adjacent wood parts that do not appear to have been attacked. When wood has been attacked by other smaller insects, it usually cannot be hewn because the holes or tunnels created by larvae are interconnected throughout the whole wood cross-section. In this case the wood should be thoroughly impregnated with Belocid Plus. If wood fungus appears, we recommend you consult with one of Belinka’s experts as any repair treatment carried out is much more complex.