Reuse philosophy

Caring for wood is our passion, that is why our products are more user and environmentally friendly with each generation. We want to be sustainable. We have therefore developed our own environmental policies. Our environmental priorities are an important part of our company´s philosophy. We care for the environment by effectively preventing pollution at our plants and limiting – and eliminating – all activities that may have a negative environmental impact. This makes our products environmentally friendly. Already in the planning phase for new products, we carefully verify their impact on people and planet.

We also express our responsibility for the environment and nature through activities that we initiate, which promote a positive attitude towards wood, connect people with nature, and encourage a healthy and sustainable way of thinking. Our latest sustainable project is a campaign to reuse old wood which we have named #reuse.

Did you know that since the beginning of civilization, the number of trees around the world has decreased by about 50%? It is a frightening fact, but one that we can use to take a turn for the better: by choosing environmentally friendly products made from processed or reclaimed wood.

By deciding to use processed and reclaimed wood instead of freshly cut and processed wood, you are acting sustainably by helping to preserve natural wood resources. Lower demand for fresh wood means less logging and deforestation, and consequently also the sustainable conservation of nature and its heritage. This is a fact that we are mostly aware of, but may not take it seriously enough. Imagine that decision makers for the construction of houses, homes and settlements, for furniture and daily used items are using largely processed or reclaimed wood. Trees would then have longer time to fully develop and grow in the natural environment and extend the life of the forest to which they belong.

The search for and transport and treatment of processed wood has a very small negative environmental impact compared to the logging, transport, production and treatment processes needed for products made of freshly cut wood, as wood and wood products from processed wood have already been previously treated. Consequently, the use of these products releases fewer chemicals; and they provide sustainable protection for the soil, seas and river basins, and of course for the humans and animal inhabitants.

Wood is an almost timeless raw material that needs love and protection, to be able to serve us faithfully for many years. That is why it should be rediscovered and reused. Using reclaimed wood in your home or bringing in products and objects from already treated wood, is not just about being environmentally friendly but also about a telling the wonderful story of sustainable nature, in which you are the protagonist.

At Belinka we will share four stories with the help of Belinka’s ambassadors, who encourage the reuse of discarded or used wood. Through this collaboration, Belinka can stay even closer to the latest trends in the environmental protection and the preservation and reuse of wood. And with this, closer to the sustainable development of the environment, for both people and planet.