Interier is a water-borne stain intended especially to protect wood in interiors.

  • Resistant to grease, sweat and mild cleaning agents
  • Greater mechanical resistance
  • Right combination of hardness and flexibility
  • Has no unpleasant smell
  • MIX

The rich range of colours with a silk gloss finish accentuates the wood grain structure. Belinka Interier has no unpleasant smell, and both protects and enhances wood.

Coatings for wood indoors must be resistant to a large number of different influences. That is why in developing Belinka Interier we focused on the durability of this product with regard to these influences. Hands that are sweaty or covered with cream damage most coatings on contact. However, Interier is resistant to such influences and mild cleaning agents as well. It is important that wood in a room has greater mechanical resistance while also having adequate flexilibity. Interier achieved outstanding results when testing such properties.

You can choose from 9 colour shades of Interier, and by mixing two or more colours a host of other colour shades can be obtained too.

Interier was tested in accordance with standard EN 71-3 and has a certificate confirming its suitability for coating children’s toys.

Colour chart

(Colour shades are for information purposes only!)