Lasur is a woodstain that protects wood from weathering while giving it a decorative colour finish and enhancing its surface.

  • for all wood types both indoors and outdoors
  • preserves the natural look of wood with a slightly matt finish
  • 19 colour shades

It is suitable for protecting exterior roofing elements, facade cladding, fencing, garden sheds, garden furniture and other wooden elements both indoors and outdoors whenever it is desirable to leave the wood grain visible after coating. The final appearance is a surface with a slightly matt finish.

When coating elements that are subject to physical loads (e.g. garden furniture), allow one week to dry before use. At lower temperatures or high relative humidity the drying time is longer. A poorly dried base and excessively thick layers of woodstain extend the drying time too. We advise against coating under strong sunshine.

Colourless Lasur is unsuitable for protecting wood outdoors. If you want to apply a colourless coating outdoors, use Toplasur UV Plus.

Lasur is an alkyd woodstain with the characteristic of darkening in the shade (floor and wall coverings in dark rooms, concealed window profiles, etc.), which is most perceptible for white shades. For this reason we advise against the preliminary coating of wooden elements before fitting. For coating wood indoors we recommend Belinka Interier, which does not darken under such conditions.


We do not recommend mixing the coatings of different brands. Although these products are intended for the same application, mixtures prepared in this way offer reduced efficiency and lasting protection and can also cause other problems. That is also why different articles from our Belinka product range must not be intermixed. However, wood that was previously coated with Lasur Super or Toplasur can be coated with Lasur.

Colour chart

(Colour shades are for information purposes only!)