Belinka Oil Interier

Belinka Oil Interier is a coating based on modified vegetable oils with added waxes, used for the finishing surface treatment and maintenance of wooden elements indoors, such as wall cladding and furniture.

  • colorless impregnation
  • for the protection and maintenance of interior wooden surfaces
  • forms a thin film on the surface that gives quality protection and a pleasant smooth surface
  • an oiled surface is water repellent and dries quickly
  • suitable for coating children's toys

It is used to protect and maintain interior massive wood elements such as wall cladding and interior furnitures when a smooth and full surface is desired without the use of conventional coatings. It is also suitable for the protection of children’s furniture (EN 71-3 certificate; children’s toy safety).

We recommend cleaning with a dry cloth and treating the surface regularly with the same product. The treatment intervals depend on the mechanical exposure of the wooden element.