Toplasur UV Plus

Toplasur UV Plus is a high-build woodstain that is ideal to protect wood exposed to the toughest weathering.

  • effectively protects wood against heavy weathering
  • especially suitable for doors and windows
  • produces a gloss finish
  • 19 colour shades
  • MIX

Besides UV filters and absorbers, it in fact contains free radical hunters which most effectively prevent coating decay. It also provides structural stability, which is why we recommend it for doors and windows and to protect all elements made of deciduous hardwoods. Select it whenever a higher gloss finish is desired. Due to its high viscosity Toplasur UV Plus does not drip from the brush. It is produced in 19 standard colour shades.

Before applying Toplasur UV Plus, wood exposed to weathering should be first impregnated with Base. In order to avoid the surface darkening when recoating, at most the same quantity of colourless Toplasur UV Plus (shade No. 12) can be added to coloured Toplasur UV Plus. A mix prepared in this way can then be applied to the wood surface. When coating garden furnishings or wooden elements that are subject to load, dry for one week before use.


Colourless Toplasur UV Plus no. 12 is not suitable for coating darker surfaces as the special UV absorbers and filters can produce a milky surface appearance.

Colour chart

(Colour shades are for information purposes only!)