Exterier Primer

Exterier Primer is a water-borne coating intended to protect building joinery and other wooden elements.

  • primer before applying Exterier Email
  • water-borne coating
  • prevents leaching of wood substances

It is used as a primer before applying Exterier Email and improves the adhesion of the top coat or finish.

It also prevents the leaching of wood substances from the wood, thus ensuring the whiteness of the finish-coated surface.


This protective coating should be applied only when the temperature also while drying does not fall below 5°C. In case it rains on the surface immediately after coating, once dry we recommend gently sanding the wood surface and applying another single coat of Exterier Primer. The base coat and top coat must not mix in the wet. Exterier Primer must not be used as a separate coating.

Colour chart

(Colour shades are for information purposes only!)