Interier lak

Interier lak is a colourless coating intended to protect more simple wooden elements in residential areas (e.g. wall and ceiling coverings, less complex furniture units, shelves, interior doors, etc.).

  • high mechanical load resistance
  • resistant to mild cleaning agents, household stains
  • higher gloss finish

It can be used to coat all types of wood. Leaves the natural wood grain structure visible and gives the surface a greater shine with each additional coat.

Interier lak has high mechanical load resistance and is also resistant to mild cleaning agents, household stains (coffee, tea, wine, oil) and other common factors in the household (sweat, grease, hand cream). Despite its good mechanical load resistance, it is not suitable for protecting wooden flooring and parquet.

Interier lak is an ideal coating for protecting woodwork in interiors, while preserving its natural colour. After coating, the surface acquires a higher gloss finish. This product is also suitable for refreshing old coatings in interiors whenever the existing colour and gloss appearance of the surface is desired. Interier lak can be used to coat the woodstain Belinka Interier stain as well as other Belinka coatings.


The milky appearance of Interier lak disappears once dry. Interier lak is not suitable for coating areas used for walking.