Illumina is a stain intended primarily for lightening wood that has already been coated with a dark stain or varnish.

  • Lightens dark stain coats
  • Not suitable as a separate coat
  • Any shade of stain can be applied over Illumina
  • Can be used on wood outdoors

The coating is sufficiently thick to cover evenly the previous colour or fault in the wood surface. A surface coated with Belinka Illumina is always coated with one of the traditional solvent-based stains. Can be used on wood outdoors.

A surface treated and dried in this way is always coated with another single coat of selected colour stain or varnish (Toplasur uv plus), that will make the surface resistant to weathering. If a nicer final appearance of the wooden element is desired, the surface should be gently sanded with sandpaper of grain size 220-280 and dusted well before applying the coating.


Illumina is a product that is difficult to work with and requires a skilled hand. Complex, undulating elements (e.g. shutters) are a special challenge. When coating such elements, great care should be taken to apply coatings evenly because dried sagging areas cannot be repaired. More attention is required with regard to the weather while coating and drying. The ideal conditions for coating are at a temperature of 15-25°C and relative air humidity of below 80%. It is also important for the wood or surface to be dry. On rainy days it is better to wait before lightening with Illumina. Avoid coating under strong sunshine.

Colour chart

(Colour shades are for information purposes only!)