Two nominations for Belinka at SOF

October 20, 2021

Belinka has always been known for its original and unique way of communicating with the public. From creative campaigns with an emphasis on social responsibility and promoting a positive attitude to wood, to popular TV ads that have been a fixture at the Slovenian Advertising Festival (SOF). The Slovenian Advertising Chamber confirmed the ads’ excellence again this year. For the Festival’s 30th anniversary the longlist for the best TV ad from the past 30 years featured two Belinka ads.

Za prestižno nagrado najboljšega oglasa treh desetletij se poteguje kar 35 oglasov. Nominiranci so bili izbrani bodisi v 35 ads were vying for the prestigious award. The nominees had either previously won at the SOF, or were selected by SOF’s Competition Program Council. Belinka’s nominated ads among this elite group were “A teb kej po čopiču teče” (Is something dripping from your paint brush) and “Les je lep” (Wood is beautiful). “Les je lep” made the shortlist, where 10 exceptional ads competed for the prestigious award. Unfortunately, Belinka’s ad did not win, but the nomination itself as well as reaching the final shortlist are an exceptional achievement, and we are extremely proud.

The best ad from the past 30 years was announced on 9th September, on the 30th anniversary of the SOF.

You can watch Belinka’s brilliant ads on our YouTube channel.